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Middle School

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Middle School Program

At TLE, we strive for your child's academic achievement. Students are expected to complete their homework everyday. Though homework is always our priority, we will also assign a daily enrichment packet. During the Fall Semester, our packets will consist of Vocabulary, Reading, Math, and Writing. For the Spring Semester, we will shift our material to CST practice tests.


Here at Total Learning, we will make sure that your child's homework is finished before he/she goes home. Our after-school program ends at 6 pm; however, you can pick your child up earlier or later than 6. Students are allowed to stay past 6 pm to finish their homework. 


We are extremely familiar with the WVUSD curriculum. Because of this, we are able to help our students earn A's and B's. TLE offers one-to-one tutoring or any assistance to students in need of extra help. We want our students to excel in their middle school years as it is the foundation of their education. Math has proven to be a challenge to our students; however, with our help and the student's hard work, we have built an excellent track record of math scores.

After school 1-8 flyer front with swimming.jpg


TLE partners with AquaRx and provides parents an option to have their children practice swimming skills.

After your child is done with school homework and TLE enrichment packets,

AquaRx's coach will come to TLE to pick up your child to Diamond Bar High School for a swim lesson.

Pick up service is free of charge.

TLE students will be offered a special discount.

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