Middle School Program

Enrollment Open!!

At TLE, we focus on academic achievement. Students are expected to complete all homework daily and receive A’s on all subjects.  School pick-up service is available.  Homework is always our priority, your child will also be responsible for a daily enrichment assignment.  Enrichment we work on are vocabulary, reading, writing and math during fall semester.  During spring semester we shift our energy to CST test.  

Many parents ask what distinguishes us from other after-schools, answer is “the pickup time.” Most students don’t show significant improve from many after-schools because they can’t finish their homework before 6:00 pm. You, the parent, after a long day from work is just too tire to make sure your child’s homework is done properly at home. TLE will make sure your child’s work is completed properly and correctly before we leave. This could be 7:00, 8:00 or 9:00pm, so basically, our "pick-up time" is when all work is done.

We are extremely familiar with WVUSD curriculums, we have helped many struggle students to reach A’s and B’s.  6th-8th grade mathematics is the most important years. It does not matters if your child is at course 1, course 2, Pre Algebra, Algebra, or Geometry, this is where your child build their foundation and create a good work habits. TLE offers many free assistance/tutor to our full-time afterschool students during weeknight or Saturday. Our students have shown excellent mathematic records at all levels. Our biggest satisfaction is when your child shows us the “A” on their tests.