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High School in
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High School Program

Spring 2021

9th-12th Online Program

We offer two programs: Homework Tutorial and Math tutorial
Homework Tutorial 
  • Individual homework support and supervision
  • Tutorial to clarify misconceptions from the morning classes
    Math Tutorial:
  • Meet three times a week to align with the morning school
  • Micro class for more personal attention
  • Preview lesson for better comprehension
  • Test preparation for college bounded students

Total Learning Education transitioned to the online program since March 2020. We have successfully taught over a hundred students in both Spring and Summer programs. Our teachers have gone through countless hours of online class training and online teaching experience. We are still looking for ways to improve our online program daily. Engagement is a common problem with online classes: a computer camera, chat room, and iClicker are just some of the tools we use to simulate a real classroom environment.

  • Time: 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm
  • Platform: Zoom Meet 
                         Google Classroom iClicker
                         Paper Worksheets
  • Tech Req: Computer with camera
                           Smart phone (optional)
  • Schedule: Mon-Thur: Lecture and tutorial
                          Friday: Assessment and tutorial
  • Interactive Lesson

Homework Help                                Algebra 2 (P)                          Algebra 2 Trig Honor
Trig Math Analysis                            Mach 5
Calculus AB                                      Calculus BC

Total Learning is conveniently located across Diamond Bar High School.  Class will begin at 3 pm and end at 6 pm.  Our experienced teachers will help your child complete homework and prepare for upcoming tests. Though we primarily focus on Math and Science, we have other teachers that are available to assist your child with English, History, Spanish or Chinese.  

Total Learning provides a safe and motivational work environment for high-school students. Time management is crucial for high school students, and we strongly encourage students to follow a routine. Poor study habits and low grades often a result of poor time management. Therefore, Total Learning is more than happy to help your student with any questions or concerns regarding homework. 

We have become extremely familiar with the WVUSD curriculum. Because of this, we have been able to help our students excel in their math courses (Trig Math Analysis, Calculus AB/BC). In addition, we offer small group classes and private one-to-one tutoring for anyone who needs extra help.