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Elementary Schools 
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Spring 2021

1st-5th Comprehensive Online Program

1st-5th Comprehensive Online Program is a micro-schooling that offers English, math, homework tutorial, and weekly progress report. Your child will be ready when the school opens again. 
Total Learning Education transitioned to the online program since March 2020. We have successfully taught over a hundred students in both Spring and Summer programs. Our teachers have gone through countless hours of online class training and online teaching experience. We are still looking for ways to improve our online program daily. Engagement is a common problem with online classes: a computer camera, chat room, and iClicker are just some of the tools we use to simulate a real classroom environment.
Small Class Individual attention
  • Time: 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm
  • Platform: Zoom Meet 
                         Google Classroom                                                 iClicker (5th graders)
                         Paper Worksheets
  • Tech Req: Computer with camera
  • Schedule: Mon-Thur: Lecture and tutorial
                          Friday: Assessment and tutorial
  • Math and English Enrichment
  • Weekly Progress Report
  • Interactive Lesson
  • Experience teachers
  • Homework check/tutorial

Classes are separated by grade level.  Our teachers will check your child's homework before he/she sign off. Incorrect homework will be explained and corrected. Homework will be completed before your child works on our enrichment packet.

Your child will also complete an enrichment packet. We expect students to complete a section of the packet daily. Enrichment packets during the Fall Semester consists of Vocabulary, Reading, Math, and Grammar. Our Spring Semester packets will be comprised of Common Core material in preparation for the state test. Every Saturday you will receive a progress report with the completed packet.

Transportation is available for students that attend school within our proximity. Our after-school program ends at 6 pm; however, you can pick your child up earlier or later than 6. Students are allowed to stay past 6 pm to finish their homework. We suggest that your child does not work on homework at home, all homework should be completed at Total Learning. Our office closes at 9:00 pm.